Another Thursday on the Journalism Course

Been to Dalston again for another day on my Big Issue journalism course.  I went out into the high street with my work partner Sean to ask members of the public what they feel about the regeneration of the shopping centre.  This includes 14 storey blocks of flats, offices etc.  Unfortunately it also will mean the destruction of the local Curve Garden which is run as a social enterprise with free workshops for locals in cookery, crafts, gardening and much more.  Despite only learning of all this today, I felt quite sorry for the people involved.  In class tomorrow I will be writing an article about the regeneration plans and this will be displayed here shortly.  Till then guys – take care – more news soon.

An Interview for The Big Issue, Japan!

Today I met with a journalist called Danielle Batist who interviewed me for The Big Issue Japan. In Japan it is mainly men who sell the Issue and the article about me is hopefully going to encourage more young women to become vendors over there. In practically every country in the world there are many “hidden” homeless women who stay with totally unsuitable men in order to avoid being on the street. After talking to Danielle I found out that she wrote an amazing article last year that I really enjoyed (in the Big Issue) of an interview with the Dalai Lama (I hope that’s how you spell it!). Anyway, as soon as the interview appears in the Japanese version, I should get a copy of it to show to everyone – if you want to have a look! Until later Guys – take good care – Sharon, London Bridge.

New Help For Youngsters in Cardiff

This is the N.I.B that I produced for an exercise on the first week of my journalism course. N.I.B is a news-in-brief.

A new venture aimed at helping young people succeed opened in Cardiff last week.  The Choices project is part of the Welsh arm of the St. Giles Trust and will give help to ex-offenders and disadvantaged youngsters through tailor-made practical support via a personal caseworker.  Using advice, guidance, education and training, the project hopes to enable young people to move on in their lives and build sustainable futures. 

Choices is supported by HSBC’s three year Opportunity Partnership, which helps to tackle youth unemployment across the UK.

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Last Week of February

It’s been a hard two months for me since Christmas – I think when people get paid at the end of January they tend to pay off their credit card bills from the festive period and so they don’t feel well-off again until they get paid at the end of February.  Now that the paydays are finally here I hope that my sales pick up again.  My journalism course is going well too – we got to go out into Dalston and take photographs – I found that I actually have a bit of talent with a camera.  At the end of this blog I will put in the course blog for last week that was compiled by Jan our resident Dutchman.  Till next time guys – take care – and see you all on London Bridge – Sharon. 

My First Post – a short one for now!

My regular customers have been telling me for two years – since I first became a Big Issue vendor actually – that as a naturally friendly and talkative person, I should write my own blog about my experiences, selling the Issue.  So finally, here it is!  It actually feels like a natural progression:  the Issue started a new website over a year ago called Answers From The Big Issue, which gives details of some amazing social enterprises operating in the UK.  I volunteered to interview two groups worthy of inclusion on the new site on behalf of the magazine and at the end of 2013, my “writing boss”, as I call him, Charles Howgego, offered me the chance to do a short journalism course.  I took him up on the offer, and last week, along with eight other would-be journalists, I started a six-week course in online journalism.  All our course-work is posted to a wordpress blog, entitled Big Issue Online Journalism Course and whilst exploring the site I realised how simple it would be to set up my long-awaited blog!  So here is my first offering and I hope all my regular customers are pleased that I am at last making a go of it.  I hope to write once a week, or failing that, at least once a fortnight, and I will keep everyone up to date with all my Issue-selling news.  All the best – Sharon at London Bridge.