My First Post – a short one for now!

My regular customers have been telling me for two years – since I first became a Big Issue vendor actually – that as a naturally friendly and talkative person, I should write my own blog about my experiences, selling the Issue.  So finally, here it is!  It actually feels like a natural progression:  the Issue started a new website over a year ago called Answers From The Big Issue, which gives details of some amazing social enterprises operating in the UK.  I volunteered to interview two groups worthy of inclusion on the new site on behalf of the magazine and at the end of 2013, my “writing boss”, as I call him, Charles Howgego, offered me the chance to do a short journalism course.  I took him up on the offer, and last week, along with eight other would-be journalists, I started a six-week course in online journalism.  All our course-work is posted to a wordpress blog, entitled Big Issue Online Journalism Course and whilst exploring the site I realised how simple it would be to set up my long-awaited blog!  So here is my first offering and I hope all my regular customers are pleased that I am at last making a go of it.  I hope to write once a week, or failing that, at least once a fortnight, and I will keep everyone up to date with all my Issue-selling news.  All the best – Sharon at London Bridge.


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