An Interview for The Big Issue, Japan!

Today I met with a journalist called Danielle Batist who interviewed me for The Big Issue Japan. In Japan it is mainly men who sell the Issue and the article about me is hopefully going to encourage more young women to become vendors over there. In practically every country in the world there are many “hidden” homeless women who stay with totally unsuitable men in order to avoid being on the street. After talking to Danielle I found out that she wrote an amazing article last year that I really enjoyed (in the Big Issue) of an interview with the Dalai Lama (I hope that’s how you spell it!). Anyway, as soon as the interview appears in the Japanese version, I should get a copy of it to show to everyone – if you want to have a look! Until later Guys – take good care – Sharon, London Bridge.


2 thoughts on “An Interview for The Big Issue, Japan!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story with me, Sharon. It was wonderful to listen to you and I think your story will inspire many vendors and readers in Japan and around the world. I’ll ask The Big Issue Japan to share it with the International Network of Street Papers too (, so that people around the world can learn from you. Thanks again and I’ll be in touch with the images and story soon. All the best!

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