March at Last!

If you have been following my blog you will know that I have been having a hard time since the New Year.  Finally, we are in March and not a moment too soon!  Today has been a slight improvement on the past few weeks and I am hoping that the effect is lasting.  Lots of people have said how much they like my writing since I announced this blog last week, so read on and enjoy.  Over the weeks to come I am going to mention some of my regular customers and thank them personally, in print.  If you are one of  my regulars – look out for your name to appear.  Names will come in the order that my memory churns them out, not in order of importance!  Today I should like to give massive thanks to some really great people to start (I really love and appreciate you all) – so thank you to Jackie Hayward, Adam Nottage and David who is in Discrimination Insurance (yes, really!).  Everyone else, look out for your names later.  Take care guys – see you on London Bridge!


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