Off to Dalston Tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will be off to Dalston for the fourth week of my Big Issue journalism course.  More of my work from there to come but for the moment I would like to thank some people who have been helping me on London Bridge since I first appeared there in hope of support – Rob Clarkson (sorry for embarrassing you, I love you really!), John Wilson, Adhiv, Matt who goes to Singapore, Ann of the beautiful hair, Tall Richard who takes me for fabulous lunches, Tamaki (good luck with the new baby) and Little Nick who is actually a very important man!  As always you are amazing and I couldn’t survive without you all.  Anyway, more later after the course this week – until then, take care guys – Sharon


2 thoughts on “Off to Dalston Tomorrow.

  1. I continue to enjoy your blog very much. Seeing the world from the perspective of a Big Issue vendor and getting a snapshot (such as this) of the cast of characters that you meet and befriend is really interesting to me.

    Full disclosure: when I used to work on Fenchurch street, I would cross London Bridge every day, and – to my shame and regret – only once in those four years did I stop to buy a copy of the magazine and talk to the person selling it.

    Reading your blog and training with you on the Big Issue Online Journalism course has shown me what I was missing out on.

    • Very naughty Sam – you should make up for those four years by buying a Big Issue every week for a year without fail – preferably from me on a Friday when I am in Dalston!! Anyway, keep reading, it’s lovely to think you follow my blog religiously – Sharon

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