Getting Serious On The Course!

Thursday, in Dalston, the journalism course is getting a little more serious.  Today I went to Homerton with my work partner Sean to a community space called Chat’s Palace to interview the manager, Candy Horsbrugh.  It was Sean’s turn to be photographer and next week we will swap.  The space was a marvellous Victorian ex-library used for an enormous range of classes and activities.  Candy was wonderful to interview, full of enthusiasm for her job and it’s setting.  The full story will  be added to my blog as soon as it is posted to my course blog – Big Issue Online Journalists – and then you can all tell me what you think of it.  Also this week, one of my regular customers asked me to write an article for his church magazine, which is a great boost to my confidence.  Looking forward to another week, hopefully with added sunshine.  Also only nine days until my birthday, after which I shall feel a bit older!  Take care everyone, until I see you again – keep reading too!  Love Sharon on London Bridge


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