Hello Everyone

Sorry it’s been a while – I have been busy writing a commissioned piece for one of my regular customer’s church magazine.  Although it was about selling the Big Issue, a subject I can always write about easily enough, it still took a while to get my brain in gear and get it right, probably because I am being paid for it!  Things have picked up a little since the paydays at the end of the month but today was a disaster due to massive problems with the trains at London Bridge station.  While the station is being rebuilt, there have been numerous occasions when the trains have not been stopping there at all, thereby cutting my customer numbers by up to 75%.  This obviously has an affect on my sales and today was such a day.  Many people told me this morning that their train arrived up to an hour and a half late.  Despite staying an extra 40 minute later than normal I only sold 5 magazines earning me a profit of £6.25 for early four hours work.  When I returned at 3pm for the evening rush hour, I still only sold 6 magazines, making the whole day a bit of a loss.  Still, there is always tomorrow…I put a message on my whiteboard last week asking if anyone had an old digital camera that they no longer needed and a lady called Caro gave me a beautiful chunky Canon.  It is very similar to the one that I learnt on during the journalism course, so I’m delighted.  I can now practise my photography until I feel confident in what I am doing.  Thank you so much, Caro!  Till next time – see you on the bridge – Sharon


One thought on “Hello Everyone

  1. That’s amazing news that you have been given a digital camera by one of your regular customers – contratulations. No excuse now, keep working on those photography skills! I need to do the same…

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