My new article!

As I stated before, I will be collaborating with a journalist called Danielle Batist on a new article about my life and selling the Big Issue. The article has been pitched on a site called Contributoria, so have a look for yourselves. Later, I will link my blog to the new article. I am still having laptop problems, and spoke to an IT friend at London Bridge this morning to see if he could have a look at it for me. However, Aaron is due to get married and go on honeymoon in two weeks and I don’t think he is going to have time to have a look for me so this morning I am back in the local library using their terminals to do the blog. Short of time today, keep looking and I will write again within two days – see you on the bridge, Sharon.

Using the local internet cafe.

Unfortunately, due to the problems with my dratted laptop, I am now sitting in a Peckham internet cafe to write this blog. Just to let you all know that I am going to collaborate with a wonderful journalist called Danielle Batiste, who is Dutch, on a new project. Danielle recently interviewed me for the Big Issue, Japan and she came to see me this week with a copy of the magazine containing my interview. We are going to write an article together about being homeless and selling the Big Issue. When I know more of the details I will let you know what we are going to do – keep watching this space for more news – Sharon on London Bridge.

Into April like a Whirlwind

Finished the article for the church and was really pleased with it-650ish words that made sense at least. Alan Magrath, who I wrote it for really liked it and proved it by paying for my efforts, so I really am a journalist now! The Easter hols are here so quite a few of my regular customers are off with their children, including lots who will be off to sunnier climes (lucky them). This time of year is always hard, especially as there are two bank hols around the Easter weekend, meaning no customers for me for four whole days. I get rather bored not working for that long too, especially when money is too short to do anything interesting. Anyway, I wouldn’t deprive those hard-working folks in the city of their holidays! Will write more soon – see you all on the bridge – Sharon