My new article!

As I stated before, I will be collaborating with a journalist called Danielle Batist on a new article about my life and selling the Big Issue. The article has been pitched on a site called Contributoria, so have a look for yourselves. Later, I will link my blog to the new article. I am still having laptop problems, and spoke to an IT friend at London Bridge this morning to see if he could have a look at it for me. However, Aaron is due to get married and go on honeymoon in two weeks and I don’t think he is going to have time to have a look for me so this morning I am back in the local library using their terminals to do the blog. Short of time today, keep looking and I will write again within two days – see you on the bridge, Sharon.


2 thoughts on “My new article!

  1. Congratulations Sharon on the upcoming collaboration & new article. Looking forward to reading it once it is written and published. Hope all is well with you and that your IT problems are soon resolved.

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