The Article

Well, as you all know, I have recently written an article with world-class journalist, Danielle Batist and we now know that it will be published on the Contributoria site next Monday, 2nd June,  I will be handing out strips of paper on my pitch with the link on it and you will also be able to find it here from Monday.  Writing the article with Danielle has made me wonder if I could do a good job on an article alone.  The only problem would be finding the time to do research on whatever subject that I was going to write about.  I’m still thinking hard about it and I will think further over the next week or so.  If I decide to go ahead, you will be the first to know.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the Contributoria one.

Danielle and The Amazing Article!

Danielle and I also spent some of that Monday doing lots of other stuff, but since I have already covered a lot of that in the article that we have written, I have decided not to tell you anymore – you will have to read the article on the Contributoria site instead!  Danielle was with me until 6pm after which I did more work until 7.30 and when I finally finished, I got to eat my tea.  Our article is up on the above site as a draft at the moment, and you can read it early by going and joining the site as a member which costs nowt.  Otherwise you can wait until the final text is published in the site’s online magazine for June.  I have been very lax with my blog whilst writing the article and I have now vowed that I will put more effort in to keeping you all updated and I have some great photographs from my day with Danielle to put up.  Keep watching- Sharon

A Day With Danielle!

This morning at 4.30am I met journalist Danielle Batist so that she could shadow me for the day. We met just down the road from the summer house that I stay in and we set off down to the New Cross Road to get a bus to the Big Issue office at Vauxhall. After buying the new issue for this week we took the tube to my pitch at London Bridge. All my regulars were pleased to meet Danielle and said that they were looking forward to reading the co-authored article when it is published on Contributoria. At 9.15 when the rush hour died down we walked over to Marks and Spencer in the city so that I could do some shopping for underwear (I’ve been trying to get into Marks for about 5 weeks and just haven’t had the time!). Then we re-crossed the bridge to go to the library for me to update this blog. More later as the day unfolds!