Contributoria Article

As I mentioned before I will soon be collaborating with a journalist called Danielle Batist to produce an article for an online magazine called Contributoria.  We have decided that on Monday 12 May, Danielle will shadow me for the day from the moment that I leave the summerhouse at 4.20 in the morning, ready to catch the bus to the Big Issue office, until I finish work at about 7pm.  She will then write her part of the article, which is a breakdown of my day and what I do to survive.  I will also write my part of the article which will be a brief account of the rest of my week for the other half of the article.  This will then be published in the next issue of Contributoria.  You will all be able to read the article there if you want to.  I have just realised that I have never explained what I do when I am not selling the Issue.  I look after a friend who is in a wheelchair with the help of a wonderful cleaner called Mary who has taken a lot of work from my shoulders.  I should also mention that my partner has been ill for nearly 8 years with a condition called a bowel fistula, which is basically a creeping abcess in his bowel, caused originally by an ingrown hair underneath his family jewels!  (Yes really, something as simple as that has made him very ill for so long!.)  So along with selling for 7 or 8 hours a day, I also look after other people for at least 3 or 4 hours as well.  Next Monday Danielle is going to follow me to find out exactly how long everything, such as having a shower or going to the laundrette, takes me to do alongside my other tasks. I am hoping to take some photographs of my long day with Danielle to illustrate our jourrney together so keep dropping in – otherwise, see you on the bridge – Sharon


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