Sorry it Has Been So Long!

As above, sorry for the delay in writing but I have had an enormously busy week.  As you can see, the article that I wrote with Danielle was published on Monday and the whole week since then has just been a blur.  Most of my regular customers took the link so they could see the article although as of today (Fri) very few have actually had time to read it.  This is understandable as many of my regulars don’t even have time to stop for a proper chat!  So the article and video too have been placed on the back burner, until the weekend or later.  I want to write an article on my own for the Contributoria site but where I can write about selling the Issue with my eyes shut, to write about anything else will require research, from a little to a lot, and finding the time is so difficult.  I am very interested in access for disabled people as I always have trouble trying to get in some shops with Su in her wheelchair.  In discussing this with various people I have found that if they know someone disabled, they agree.  Anyway, I am hoping for a light-bulb moment but I always seem to be too tired for inspiration!  I have a lot to do this weekend but I am determined to write again before Monday so come back soon.  Sharon


One thought on “Sorry it Has Been So Long!

  1. Hi Sharon.

    Parents of babies have similar access problems. When my son was in his pram I couldn’t use my local station because of the two flights of steep steps I would have to use. Fewer staff at stations means less availability of help too. My heart goes out to people who have a life time of struggling due to the physical restrictions of the environment built around them, when it just doesn’t have to be like that. Excellent topic, hope you get your light bulb moment.


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