Sorry, Who Are You Again?……

Sorry, I know that I have been quiet for an awfully long time but various things get in the way. The heat for a start, really saps me; doing things for other people takes up about 90% of my time and in the little pause left for me, I seem to find myself nodding off if I have 10 minutes to myself due to the fact that I haven’t had more than a weekend off since Xmas. We are now sailing along in the dreaded Summer Holiday Doldrums, a time characterised by six weeks during which at any point at least 30-50% of my regular customers will be away, certainly in a nicer spot than London Bridge and definitely having more fun than I am. To add insult to injury, said customers will then return, up to three weeks later, full of wonderful details about above-mentioned spot, such as how lovely the hotel/scenery/food/cocktails/beach/weather was and I am then left to smile and say politely, “Oh I’m so glad you had such a nice time”. Repeat over a dozen times a day in the up-coming weeks, on into September, and you can see what a torture this all is for me – someone who hasn’t been abroad since I was 16 and visited the war graves at Ypres with my boyfriend! I don’t begrudge any hard-working commuter their hols, but the techni-coloured details are a little hard to take, especially when supplied repeatedly. So the up-coming struggles will be manifold this next two months, lurching between vastly reduced numbers of customers and jealousy-inducing descriptions of fab-hols-had, probably all liberally applied in temperatures over 26 degrees Celsius. I don’t think after-sun will fix it this time – oh the joys of summer!!


2 thoughts on “Sorry, Who Are You Again?……

  1. It’s still valid!! Yes, hit those annoying boastful holiday makers with a mallard, no that’s a duck!! Leave the poor ducks and use a mallet instead!!!

  2. It’s good to read a new update from you, Sharon! It must be difficult with so many of your regulars away on vacation at any one time, and with the sun beating down on your spot on the bridge. Summer doldrums aside, I hope that you are well. I very much enjoyed your recent Contributoria collaboration, and hope to read more from you soon. Best wishes!

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