Less Than 70 Days to Christmas!

Just a quick one today – over the past two weeks the weather has killed sales. People don’t want to walk across London Bridge in wet, windy weather so they take the bus or tube instead. Today we suffered the remains of hurricane Gonzalo, which meant that I stood on the bridge in gale force winds and lashing rain! How I suffer for my art (well, to make a living actually!). I much prefer very cold conditions so that I don’t have to suffer wet jeans for the rest of the day. I have written another article for the church in Crawley and also passed it on to John Merrett’s church near Haywards Heath. I took manners for my subject matter, especially how manners in London seem to have diminished over the years that I have lived here. Both churches seem very pleased with the finished article and I am looking forward to getting some great feedback from both congregations. Yesterday I officially applied for the job of vendor columnist at the Big Issue website, but the interview still looks to be many weeks off. That leaves me plenty of time to worry! Will let you all know as soon as I hear anything – see you on the bridge – Sharon