Arctic Conditions!!

Just three days after a Halloween with a temperature of 22 degrees celsius and now it’s Arctic! The sharp drop in temp has come as a severe shock to my system to say the least. I have no idea where last winter’s thermals are and I am not looking forward to wearing a dozen layers and looking like a yeti. Last Spring, as the layers came off, a lady bought a magazine from me and then said, “Goodness, I never realised what a small lady you are under all those winter clothes!”. Nice! So anybody meeting me on the bridge in the winter automatically assumes that I am a natural, svelte, size 22!!
Anyway, winter is definitely here, not to disappear again for at least 5 or 6 months and all we vendors have to look forward to is working in the dark for a large chunk of the morning rush-hour and being permanently frozen. Still, at least it’s not long ’til Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Arctic Conditions!!

  1. Hi Sharon, I just got back from the Homeless World Cup in Chile and was thinking of you when I got back and realised how cold it had become here in London town. Hope to be around the bridge some time soon to say a proper hello. Meanwhile, stay warm and keep us posted about your columnist adventures: great stuff!

  2. Hi Sharon, I am working from home due to this morning train/signalling problems, so will have to give your gift early January! Hope you have a good Christmas and wish you well for 2015:)
    Liz (with the clothes!)

  3. Sharon – thanks for the blog address. Really nice to read a bit more about you, as I know I rarely have time for much of a chat at London Bridge since I’m always running to or from the train – late as always!

    I noticed in this week’s issue someone wrote in to point out that there didn’t seem to be a regular vendor at Cannon Street. See – I told you! The pitch practically has your name on it!

    Hope you have a good and restful Xmas break.

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