The Festive Period into the New Year

It has taken me ages to let you all know about my Christmas and I feel really guilty about this because the festive period is the one time of year when it really feels wonderful to be a Big Issue seller. Business builds steadily over about a week to 10 days leading up to the big day and it seems like everyone and his wife wants to be nice to you!
This year, the week commencing 15 December slowly started to get busy, like a cold lizard slowly awakening. By Wednesday the 17th it was starting to look a little more alive. I then used my white board to remind people that for the next two weeks Southern Trains would not be stopping at London Bridge station. From that day on my regulars were wonderful; although for that matter, so was everyone else too! It’s guaranteed that Christmas brings out the generosity of lots of commuters. My regulars brought me cards containing a little Christmas money, presents and bags of lovely festive cheer. Lots of strangers (i.e. non-regular magazine buyers) also dropped off lovely little gifts. Now, my only time away from the bridge every year is the time over Christmas and New Year, along with as much of January as I can get away with! Everyone is very broke and miserable after the festive period; more concerned with how much they spent over the Christmas than worrying about me and how I am going to make a living! The mornings and evenings are cold and dark and it is very hard to get people to think about anything other than how bad they feel. So I always take my once-a-year break straight after the New Year and into January, as far as I can afford to survive. A break in July would be much more enjoyable but only at Christmas do I have the extra income to manage time off. I will post this and finish it tomorrow – see you on the bridge – Sharon


2 thoughts on “The Festive Period into the New Year

  1. Great to see your update, Sharon. Have been wondering how you are, and feeling sad that I don’t pass through London Bridge any more. Any progress on maybe setting up a pitch over on Cannon St?

  2. Good to hear from you, Sharon! Some of Kev’s colleagues had been wondering where you were. I was hoping you were enjoying your self-proclaimed “annual leave” to the fullest and had some time to finally do things just for you for a change (although I bet you were still looking after people too!). Hope the January sales won’t be down too much, and that business will grow again for you soon. Are you still taking pictures? Look forward to seeing some on the blog. Will keep following your stories! Take care and stay warm x

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