Bored!!! (but time to give thanks too)

I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon and amazingly I find that I have enough spare time to be bored! I very rarely have spare time to start with, so being bored too is a VERY rare occurrence! I am starting a new phase tomorrow in that I will be standing at Cannon Street station in order to try to see some of my missing customers. They are not missing or lost themselves but I have missed them very much at my pitch at London Bridge – I seem to be 40% down on regular customers this month due to changes in where the trains stop. So tomorrow will be a big risk; I know I will make SOMETHING on my usual spot but am not guaranteed to make ANYTHING anywhere else. So we shall see what happens and I will let you all know within a day or two how it went (fingers crossed etc).

Also I would like to take the opportunity – as I seem to have this very rare spare time to fill – to thank a few people who have really touched me recently with their help and kindness. Firstly – massive thanks to Phil and Clare (&kids) for giving weekly help with my rent, promised until the end of February, when normally sales/profits pick up a little as people clear some of their Christmas credit card bills. Just the thought that they discussed my problem and then decided to help (despite family obligations) is so lovely (I actually got rather tearful when Phil explained what they were going to do). It is also far too cold to consider returning to live in the summerhouse at the moment, so the help is very gratefully accepted. Thanks also to Kelly (I hope that is right!) for the bag of lovely food etc last week: thanks also to Nick for the fabulous hand warmers – so essential at the moment and as always, many thanks to Mr Rob Clarkson (Big Drumroll here) of Horley for the coffees, hand warmers, jokes and his excellent talent at keeping my spirits up (I believe we should have been siblings in an alternate universe – I would have loved to be your older sister!). Thanks too for things too numerous to mention, to Jackie West, Nick who sails, Mr John Merrett, little Julie who comes from Waterloo East, for testing the journey to get to my pitch, and many others who I will attempt to name over the next few weeks, but never forgetting Mr Adam Nottage and his lovely wife Coral, for their never-ending help, concern and love. When the going gets tough, you really know who your friends are!! Back in a day or so – Sharon


One thought on “Bored!!! (but time to give thanks too)

  1. Hi Sharon and thanks for the kind Words. It is always a pleasure to see you as it has become part of my daily commute. I am sure I speak on behalf of others when I say that we do what we do because you are genuine and a pleasure to talk to. You have taken the time to explain how you have ended up here which for me stands you out from the rest. Hope 2015 starts to pick up for you.

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