Cannon Street this Morning…

I did go to Cannon Street this morning from about 6.50am until about 7.35am but unfortunately in that short time I realised that it would never be busy enough for me to make a reasonable amount of money, even if I managed to catch a dozen of my regular customers. Due to there being two exits, so far apart, it means that you can only cover one of them properly and once I saw how far apart the trains came in and how few people came out of that exit, I decided to cut my losses and go back to London Bridge. At least there, on my regular pitch I know that I will make some money, even if the amount is vastly reduced from what it was before the festive period. So sorry to all my regulars that now go to Cannon Street; I would love to see my “missing” customers but it’s not a worthwhile use of my time. Sharon


3 thoughts on “Cannon Street this Morning…

  1. Hi Sharon – was hoping to speak with you today but I think we arrived too late.
    Not sure if Chris (from head office) spoke with you already but we were hoping to have a quick chat with you (over a hot drink!) about your pitch and how you feel the Big Issue has impacted your life for a new TV project.

    If you’re available tomorrow where abouts would you be at 9.00/9.30am?

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I missed you two Wednesdays , running up and down in front of Cannon Street looking for you 🙂 Unusually for me, I got a Cannon Street train this morning (usually I got to Charing X and get the tube to Cannon Street from Embankment now) and thought about getting off at London Bridge but then remembered you would be at Cannon Street 😦 So, my plan is now to get up early to get a Cannon Street train once a week and get off at London Bridge. Not sure what day that will be but I will see you this week.

    • Fab to see you today Kev and its lovely to think that you made the extra effort to see me – thank you so much for that. I have lost a lot of people but if just a few did the same, even once a month or once a fortnight it would make all the difference to my income – thank you again – Sharon x

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