The Ills of Being Ill!

It’s been a while, as I have been ill for nearly two weeks now. I woke up on the Sunday before last to find that I had a mega chest infection. I often get them at this time of year, as the temperature rises a little and then drops again, but usually I start with a sore throat, work up to a cold for a week or two and only then do I dive headlong into a big infection. This time the preliminaries were ignored thereby throwing me straight into serious illness with no prior warning. To add insult to injury the chest infection kept me guessing by adding an upset stomach into the mix which made taking antibiotics effectively really difficult. Hence I have spent a week and a half subsisting on milk, yoghurt drink and a little fruit jelly for added interest. I am sure celebrities would pay a fortune to participate in such a detox but I can only say that I am now bored stiff and no weight loss is apparent! In the next few weeks, as the weather improves, I hope to get out and about with my camera, in order to complete the study of light and shade that I started last summer. This will eventually find it’s way onto my Flickr page so that you can all have a look. Hope you are all feeling much better than I am! See you soon – Sharon


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