It’a My B’day!! (And I Feel Very Old!)

This Wednesday (18 March) is my birthday.  I won’t say how old I am because it makes me feel ancient!  Anyway, I just wanted to say a special thank you to Phil, who is taking me out to lunch (with real ale!) on Thursday.  There’s nothing like a long lunch date to make you feel special, even when you are as old as me. Also thanks in advance to all the people who will give me a birthday gift this week – you are all so lovely to remember me on my special day.  (Although as someone once said – you may feel special on your birthday but you share it with 14 million other people worldwide!)  So I look forward to seeing you all on the bridge this week – my birthday week is always a great one to remember!


2 thoughts on “It’a My B’day!! (And I Feel Very Old!)

  1. Belated birthday wishes, and enjoy your lunch today! Finally made it to London Bridge this morning but didn’t see you – will try again soon.

    Take care.


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