Still Whiteboardless!

I arranged a limited liability policy last week so that I can use my whiteboard again and I deposited the money into my account.  This is sometimes time consuming as I have an account with a great credit union, but their branch near London Bridge is only open Monday to Wednesday – on any other day I have to go a lot further into Peckham or Camberwell (places where I never normally go).  Anyway, I emailed my policy broker asking him to ring me asap so that I could pay for the policy with my debit card, but he didn’t ring and I ended up spending some of the saved money due to rubbish sales from Tuesday onwards last week!  Oh dear, so it’s back to saving again, although my broker did find me a better policy quote at £40 odd pounds.  So hopefully, I WILL have the board back in a few days or I HOPE by the end of the week.  What a complicated drama!  Just thought I should keep you all up to date on this storm in a teacup and please feel free to show your feelings about this ridiculous matter at and address them for the attention of Chris-Vendor Co-ordinator.  Thank you so much if you do manage to email them – they need to know exactly how ridiculous people find their petty rules and the fact that they treated a vendor with a very good record like a dangerous criminal!  Big thanks again, your support always means so much to me – I never feel alone like I did before I became a vendor – Sharon


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