Oh, What a Week!!

I think I can honestly say that the last week has been one of the hardest that I have spent on the Bridge.  Easter was early this month and a large number of people went off on their hols with their kids to places far and near, cold (skiing) and hot (Egypt and Portugal, if I remember correctly).  So last week, just before the pay-days week, everyone was extremely broke!  It certainly showed in my sales.  I am now rather deeply in debt to several friends and behind with some bills and payments.  As I still haven’t been able to save the money needed for my insurance policy, I am buying art card and double-sided sticky tabs in order to still have some sort of way to communicate with the 46,000 that pass me in the rush hour.  However, in the last week, with the exception of a few kind people, my pleas for someone to “please buy a mag” have been totally ignored.  I am rather looking forward to the start of the new week tomorrow, in the hope that, as people are paid they start to feel a little more generous to insolvent Big Issue sellers!  If anyone happens to pass me on my pitch and finds me lying on the pavement, I probably just need a sandwich!!!


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