Many Thanks, Again!

After the awful week that was last week I was hoping for something slightly better this Monday morning and evening, especially as monthly paydays start around the 20th of each month – of course, more people get their wages further towards the very end of the month, but still, I was hoping for a slight improvement today. All in all, the day was amazingly good and I should like to thank all the people that made it so – Mr Rob Clarkson, who on receiving his yearly bonus, immediately thought of me, and gave me some badly-needed money this morning. Also lovely Tamaki, who has enough problems of her own, told me that she is worried about my depression and the way my lack of funds has exacerbated it, and gave me some money too! Then this evening the lovely Katie, who moves office this week (oh no! Another lovely one gone for good!) stopped and gave me a donation to pay for my liability insurance. She said that my description of my whiteboard troubles on this blog have made her “really furious” and she said that she just had to help me get the board back. So – thank you, thank you, thank you all, including anyone not mentioned here, who has helped by going the extra mile for me recently. You are all superstars in your own right and I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without you all – love Sharon x


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