So, So Sorry Everyone

Sorry for the terrible dearth of blogs recently, I started taking anti-depressants just over two months ago and unfortunately I have not had an easy ride.  The tablets have made me have short-term memory lapses and I don’t know wether I am coming or going.  In the next few weeks I hope to be back to business-as-usual but I have no idea if this will be possible considering the way I have been feeling.

The summer holidays have run for four weeks, and the first three were quite hard but basically bearable.  However, the last week, the second in August has been a dog-days month.  It has been incredibly quiet and I have struggled to keep it all going.  One good point is that my regular customers have been bringing me back very cheap (about £2-3), very tacky souvenirs, which is what I have asked them to all do.  I now have a lovely shoe box, nearly half full of fabulous, outrageous souvenirs!  Everyone has really met the challenge incredibly well and searched long and hard to bring back the worst things that they can find!  What a lovely lot they are.  The level of tackiness achieved has been remarkable and I wish to thank them all for rising to my strange challenge with such willingness and fervour.  No-one has forgotten my request either which is great – I thought that once they all got off on their hols they would all forget me but no, none of them did!  Thanks so much guys!!