Hello Again, Glad to be Back!

It’s been nearly a year and I have missed blogging to you all.  After a year I have taken myself off the anti-depressants – they helped for about 8-9 months but the last 3 to 4 months I don’t feel that I have been getting any benefit from them.  I now have surges of emotions, good and bad and it is a little like riding a roller coaster.  Still it has only been two weeks, I’m sure things will improve.  I feel that all my recent emotions, good and bad have been smothered by the pills.  It is the beginning of the summer hols again and I know I am in for a hard six weeks!

Recent changes and problems at London Bridge Station have heavily impacted the business.  The last three months have been extra-difficult with the RMT conductors causing chaos with their strikes and constant sick days.  They are lucky to have jobs with a constant income.  I am only earning two thirds of my profits from last year.  Just when I think it can’t get any worse, it does!  A huge thank you to my lovely lady Kathleen – due to an injury and train changes I have not seen her for nearly two years but she regularly sends me a card and some money – thanks Kathleen, you’re the best!!  At the end of August, the trains that no longer stopped at the station from New Year 2015 will return – I am really looking forward to seeing people that I have missed for 20 months.  However the people that currently come in on South Eastern trains will no longer be able to get off at the station so I will lose another lot of customers, including the lovely James and I will miss them all.

I will write more soon, as long as I am still feeling better, see you all on the bridge.  Also a message to my lovely regulars – thank you all so much, I don’t know how I would have survived without your support over the last very difficult 20 months.  And congratulations to my fellow journalist Danielle Baptist and her partner Kevin on the recent birth of baby Nova – she’s so cute.  Please leave a message if you are glad to hear from me – that means you, Mr Clarkson!  London Bridge Sharon