Yet Again, Sorry it’s Been So Long!

I fully intended to blog again during the school summer hols but on August 15 2016, my partner went to hospital, vomiting blood and then had a fit due to dehydration. Unfortunately, a nurse held him down during the fit – something you never do – and she broke his back in 3 places. He was in hospital for 5 days during which they argued that he must have broken his back at home and they also didn’t bother to find out why he was bringing up blood. They then sent him home and he has been laid up for nearly 6 months now. I am under huge pressure at the moment and now his back seems to have healed wrongly, which is making walking almost impossible and he is in constant agony. I will write again soon but I thought you should all know why I have been so quiet. Hopefully we will have recourse to the law in this situation and I’ll let you know how it goes. Also huge thanks for all the Christmas gifts and cards especially to Kathleen who sent her gift to ensure that I got it in time. You’re all stars! See you on the bridge – Sharon