Where I’m At Now

Last time I blogged, my partner had been in hospital and had suffered a broken back at the hands of a nurse during a fit caused by dehydration. Now, nine months on, his back has healed wrongly due to a lack of aftercare. After leaving hospital, he was not fitted with a back brace and no physiotherapy was arranged. Now his spine has grown an extra piece of bone as it healed – the bone has gone down the right side of his spine and fused up to 5 or 6 bones together between his shoulder blades. He has no flexibility in that part of his spine and is in constant pain in his back, neck and shoulders. He can’t stand up for more than a few minutes and has difficulty dressing himself etc. Normally at this time of year he would be helping old people plant their gardens for the summer but he has not been able to even leave the flat due to the stairs to the ground floor being too painful for him to negotiate.

He has internet in the flat but finds it difficult to sit up to watch the tower pc that my granddad built me but luckily some lovely people at London Bridge have donated a couple of laptops so he can lay down and watch. Many thanks to these generous people! We also have an old XBOX where he enjoys shooting things!!

Selling is going much as usual but I have lost over 22 customers since Christmas – most have got new jobs closer to home with less travel and no need to visit the chaos that is London Bridge station! I hope to blog more often now that we have more than one computer and I actually get a chance to get online at last. See you on the bridge soon – London Bridge Sharon